2013 Christmas at Job Train

Posted by Baynetwork on Dec 19th 2013

2013 Christmas at Job Train

Every year Baynetwork donates time and toys to JobTrain and this year we were acknowledged and thanked with a beautiful snow globe and music maker.

Baynetwork, Inc. has strong philanthropic ties and volunteer efforts that directly benefit organizations in the Silicon Valley. However, there is one organization that is near and dear to our heart; JobTrain.

JobTrain is an educational and training institution that also offers career counseling and job placement services to their graduates.

Every year the Baynetwork, Inc. employees place unwrapped toys for the children of JobTrain students. Once the toys are delivered to the JobTrain facility in Menlo Park, CA. the Baynetwork employees dedicate an afternoon to be Santa's helper and distribute the gifts to the children.

"This is one of my favorite things to do as a volunteer. To see family's working toward a better life and helping make their dreams come true is what it is all about." -Jason E. Sutherland. Marketing Director, Baynetwork, Inc.

Upon wrapping our day of toy giving up, we were presented with a wonderful token of appreciation that now decorates our reception desk. The engraved snow globe and music box can be seen in the picture above or when entering the Baynetwork, Inc. Menlo Park offices.

Thank you JobTrain for everything you do to help strengthen the families in our community. We will always play a role in your cause.


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