Be Green and Save Green: Bay networks New Bay Area Facility

Posted by Baynetwork Inc on Jul 7th 2009

Be Green and Save Green: Bay networks New Bay Area Facility

Las Vegas, Nevada July 7, 2009 -- There is an undeniable truth that now is the time to fight for the planet's survival. One way that people can help the environment is through reuse: using an item multiple times to save money, energy and ecological resources. Baynetwork, a network hardware reseller, recently opened a state of the art Bay Area facility to streamline its efficient network hardware reuse and asset recovery process. This asset recovery program both saves customer's money while also minimizing the impact on the ecosystem.

Recycling, repairing and reusing computer equipment can have a tremendous effect on minimizing a company's ecological footprint. For decades, throwing away used networking hardware, monitors, hard drives, routers, switches and batteries has had a devastating effect on the environment. The equipment often ends up in landfills and slowly but surely infects water and food sources as well as natural habitats.

Baynetwork's asset recovery program helps keep network and computer hardware out of landfills by offering several reuse options for customers. Baynetwork recently moved it's SF Bay Area facility to a new, larger building in Menlo Park, California, outfitted to better serve its customers in hardware repair, sales, support, R&D and warehousing. In addition to selling a wide variety of new and used network hardware, Baynetwork's experienced team can provide a step-by-step walk through on what to do with used equipment.

The first step is to have a Baynetwork hardware professional evaluate a customer's hardware. If the hardware is in satisfactory shape, Baynetwork can successfully repair it. Baynetwork's network equipment repair department was established in 1997 to service small to large enterprises. Their mission has been to fix brand name networking equipment through perfected repair techniques - including a specialization in Cisco Repair and Juniper repair.

Yuriy Petushkov, Baynetwork's managing director, describes the company's repair process: "When you call Baynetwork for repair services, you will always speak directly to an engineer that is highly proficient in repairing equipment. Our qualified technical team follows strict QA policies and actively solicits customer feedback, which is the base for our high customer satisfaction ratings. We back all of our repairs with a guarantee: 'If we can't fix it, you don't pay.'" Repairing used networking equipment saves a customer money because it avoids the need to re-purchase expensive hardware. In today's economy, small and large businesses alike need to cut unnecessary costs through any means possible. Repairing network hardware infrastructure is a viable method for a business to save thousands of dollars. Network hardware repair also helps the environment by reusing equipment that has already been manufactured and prevents it from ending up in a landfill. The hardware manufacturing process requires a huge amount of energy and raw materials that slowly diminishes our planet's natural resources. In comparison, hardware that undergoes Baynetwork's agile repair process only contributes a small amount of energy-use.

Baynetwork also utilizes their repair experience within the network reseller community. As an active member of Uneda, the alliance of used network equipment dealers, Baynetwork has consistently lent its technical expertise to other resellers and dealers within the community. So far, the company has received a great amount of positive feedback from its network resale partners.

Network hardware repair isn't the only way for people to be green and save green. Baynetwork also offers its customers several options for recycling used networking equipment. As one of the industry's leading green technology advocates, the company has long preached a commitment to recycling salvageable hardware. Instead of improperly disposing of used network hardware, Baynetwork's eco -friendly recycling program allows spare parts to be reused and pieces of equipment to be refurbished. This includes a 'buy back' policy that allows a Baynetwork specialist to offer a customer top dollar on the spot for a piece of equipment that is salvageable. Not only does this policy promote reuse, but it also puts money straight into the hands of consumers and businesses who desperately could use an economic boost.

Baynetwork's recycling program also affords them the ability to sell pre owned and refurbished network hardware at an extreme discount. Having recently become an authorized reseller for Juniper, Dell, Force10 and HP, Baynetwork proudly sells a variety of network equipment, from new and used routers to refurbished servers. The company makes a point to keep its inventory up-to-date with cutting edge hardware that can meet its customer's networking needs at a reasonable price. The company is constantly expanding its product inventory to offer businesses the widest possible selection of network hardware- from used Cisco switches and used Juniper routers to new and pre-owned Dell servers and HP servers. In addition to saving money with a Baynetwork purchase, a business can also be eco-friendly through the process of recycling used equipment.

For those looking for an old-fashioned way to reuse, Baynetwork has also adopted a trade policy, or 'barter system,' for special cases. The company has been known to patiently listen to all offers, given the past success some trade arrangement have had. Bart Valdes, VP of Sales, describes the company's outlook as 'cutting-edge as far as technology but old-fashioned in terms of customer service.' Finally, if a piece of network hardware is completely un-salvageable, Baynetwork has made it clear that they are glad to direct customers to any other eco-friendly disposal options. Maintaining a low carbon footprint and helping others stay green has been a long time commitment for the company.

About the Company: Baynetwork is the premier re-seller of new and used computer equipment including used Cisco, used Juniper and other refurbished network hardware.

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