End of Life For Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series Supervisor Engine

Posted by Baynetwork on Apr 4th 2014

End of Life For Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series Supervisor Engine

The Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series of networking hardware is among the most sought after equipment on the market. Cisco is a brand known for excellence and quality.

As internet speeds and computing power continues to grow, the support products and information technology grows with it.  This means a market that can change rapidly and often.  Keeping up with networking technology can be a challenge as well as expensive. 

As new products come to the market, others need to be discontinued to make room.  This prevents an overcrowding and a gross missunderstanding on how to manage discountinued legacy equipment.  In reality, many of the products that are discontinued still could provide the necessary speed and power to upgrade many businesses, both large and small.  These “end of life” products (or EOL products) could be an excellent option to establish a network or upgrade an existing one.

The Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series of networking hardware is among the most sought after equipment on the market.  Cisco is a brand known for excellence and quality.  The Cisco Catalyst Series of products are in operation all over the world and many of the Catalyst series are coming to the end of their run.  Cisco just announced that the last order date for the Catalyst 6500 Series Supervisor Engine 720-3B/3BXL was January 30, 2013. While the shipping date for this product extends or April 30th, this product is no longer for sale from Cisco. So, where can consumers continue to purchase EOL products such as this?

Baynetwork is known for their used and refurbished networking equipment, but they are also a leader in end of life products such as the Cisco Catalyst Series.  By offering these discontinued items with a unique industry leading warranty, Baynetwork provides their customers with the speed and power of the Cisco brand at market low prices.  These Cisco switches can provide years (and in some cases decades) of quality service, despite their EOL status.  If support for the products is a concern, Baynetwork is able to continue to provide high quality support of Cisco Catalyst Series products for as long as you have the product. Baynetwork also provides system updating and preflight configuration that helps our customers and clients feel secure in knowing that the equipment they are buying is the best it can be.

The other major advantage of Cisco’s end of life products is that many networks do not need upgrading; they simply require maintenance or repair.  If you are already running off the Cisco EOL products as part of your networking system and something goes wrong, BayNetwork can get you the replacement you need to keep your business running smoothly.  Finding replacements for discontinued products can be a challenge, but Baynetwork has plenty of experience with it.

Regardless of your networking needs, Baynetwork can help.  Providing high quality Cisco EOL products is just one more way Baynetwork offers high quality products at industry low prices.  For a list of recent Cisco Catalyst Series EOL products visit Cisco's website.


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