Clean, Consistent, Complete Employee Off-boarding

Posted by Baynetwork on Aug 25th 2017

Clean, Consistent, Complete Employee Off-boarding

When employees leave your company, you need to cut off their access to corporate data — and do it quickly — to minimize the risk of a data breach. Seems obvious, right? But we were frankly shocked by a recent survey showing how many companies aren't taking this basic cybersecurity precaution.

A quarter of the survey respondents said they take more than a week to de-provision former employees from corporate applications — and another quarter said they don't know how long accounts remain active after employees leave! No wonder 20% reported that they had experienced data breaches as a result of failing to shut down ex-employees' access to applications promptly and properly.

Your data is more valuable than it's ever been, and you have more of it in more systems than ever before. Make sure only authorized current employees can access it. Contact Baynetwork for help creating a standard procedure for managing permissions across all your applications.


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