The Benefits of Outsourcing vs. Hiring Internal IT Staff

Posted by Baynetwork on Nov 8th 2017

The Benefits of Outsourcing vs. Hiring Internal IT Staff

Get the best of both worlds. Keep your team and outsource key deliverables.

Getting all the benefits that come with managed IT services shouldn't mean eliminating your in-house personnel. If it's supporting your business goals the way it should, your IT department should GROW. The IT capabilities already present in your organization are among the assets you should consider when planning your IT Roadmap. Unless you're aiming to replace your in-house team due to pre-existing factors, your priority should be to strategically allocate all of your resources and maximize benefits through supplementation.

The Benefits of Outsourcing IT

Cost Savings & Agility

You get what you pay for, and fulltime employees are expensive – especially when it comes to hiring highly skilled technicians. Even when you're ready to invest in talent, finding and keeping the right people is an uphill battle. In every scenario, it's vital that your budgets be tied to your evolving needs and assets. When you supplement your internal staff with managed IT services, the skill sets you employ can constantly evolve. The same goes for your digital infrastructure. Scaling is built into the services, and costs stay predictable.

Broad Expertise

Construction of an IT team is never finished. Advancement happens too quickly and dramatically for anyone to have everything mastered at any one time. Growth, expansion, and change are fundamental in this realm, often driven by the evolution of what it means for your digital assets to be secure. One of the key benefits of outsourcing your core IT solutions is the breadth of expertise it brings. With minimal management, you can seamlessly integrate new skill sets into your operations for a fraction of the investment required for a new hire or specialized technical training.

Enterprise-Level Options

There exists in the market a largely unnecessary condition that limits technology options based on the size of an operation. Due in part to market trends, financial alliances, and opportunity cost, SMBs can find their alternatives don't include the solutions they've envisioned. Managed IT services can empower your organization with greatly expanded access to hardware, software, innovations, and corresponding technical expertise. Our neutrality paired with our access ensures you get the most appropriate goal-oriented solutions at all times and that no superfluous element is ever integrated into your IT.

As we've mentioned, along with these benefits come some drawbacks.

The Benefits of Hiring Internal Staff

Dedicated Focus

One perk of internal staff is that their focus is completely dictated by your in-the-moment business needs. They can turn on a dime and be applied with precision. Our personnel are never spread too thin. That's part of our promise to you. Every Baynetwork client enjoys exclusive access to a dedicated specialist strategically chosen to address the unique needs of their organization. Since your primary contact can't be perpetually on the clock, he or she is supported by a team of technicians who understand the intricacies of your IT support needs. This all adds up to a dedication that matches or even surpasses what your in-house IT department can deliver.

Business-Centric Strategic Guidance

Having your CIO intimately ingrained in your business can work wonders for effectiveness. Working with other executives, that person can guide all other IT operations from a big-picture perspective. It can, however, also create a point of vulnerability. Internal staff can leave. Critical consequences can arise if such a key player in your business quits, relocates, gets sick or injured, or simply has a fundamental disagreement with another executive. Outsourcing your IT support adds a layer of security in the form of reliable stability. When your internal department works with our external team, the strategic vision gets shared properly and is overseen by a system of checks and balances. When dramatic change occurs – positive or negative – we remain flexible in a way your internal team cannot. We bring the strategic element without all the commitment.

Total Control

On the one hand, control could be the primary benefit of hiring in-house staff. A department that responds to subtle changes in the business – both internal and external – is arguably of optimal agility. Control, though, is something more often felt than realized. To maintain it, both transparency and dialogue must take place. Failure in either respect, even for a short time, can erode the power you wield over your digital assets. With an IT management ally like Baynetwork, transparency is front and center. We first come in and expose existing inefficiencies and vulnerabilities, which we resolve and then monitor. We develop with you your IT Roadmap for the year, and then keep you up to date regarding its execution. And we must prove our worth every 30 days, so it's essential that we keep you abreast of every new development. Thanks to our model using dedicated technicians we can take orders from you instantly and implement them at a speed that outpaces an exclusively in-house team.

Now that you understand our take on benefits of outsourcing, let us know what concerns you. What reservations do you have about outsourcing all or a portion of your current and future technology needs?


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