Why you need a managed service provider

Posted by Baynetwork on Sep 24th 2018

Why you need a managed service provider


A Managed Service Provider, or MSP, is a full service and/or third-party IT company that offers professional IT services by managing remotely or on-premises IT infrastructure of end user at fixed subscription or hourly rate model. By using an MSP, businesses of all sizes can access the many benefits of an MSP IT services.

The following pages include the major benefits of Baynetwork Inc., as an MSP:

Affordability | Flexibility | Security | Reliability


A New IT Approach for New Technologies

Companies both large and small have traditionally run their own IT departments to assist in their technology efforts. Such an approach still works for some companies, but even the largest corporations struggle with IT issues. As technology grows increasingly complex, moves faster, and becomes more and more vital to a company’s operations, IT departments continue on unchanged, or slow to adopt. If your technology is radically different today than it was years ago, how can your unchanged IT department deal?

What if you could keep your company’s unique IT expertise but upgrade your IT solutions to match the speed and complexity of modern tech? That’s where Baynetwork steps in. 

We’re a Managed Service Provider (MSP) with years of experience that will help you take your next step.

Flexibility and Scalability

Traditional IT is inflexible and hard to scale. In order to make hardware upgrades, you must make a large upfront capital investment, and if you need more manpower you need to go through the lengthy process of hiring and training new professionals.


Tech problems? No Worries

Sometimes technology fails or glitches. You can scramble to fix it yourself, or you can trust your tech fixes to a group of experts with extensive resources at their disposal. Baynetwork is that MSP. Whatever your problem, we can help you out quickly and effectively. Our extensive roster of expert professionals deliver solutions that keep your business running smoothly.

Dodge the Disaster

What are you going to do if disaster hits?In resent fires or earthquakes,tornado or storms many businesses simply can’t survive if a natural disaster hits. But with an MSP like Baynetwork, you can safeguard your business and data from the unimaginable. We offer excellent data backup services that protect your data, and we can formulate a disaster recovery plan to help you get back on your feet as soon as possible.

With us handling your IT issues, you can stay flexible and scale with your business as it grows without the hassle of trying to keep track of your hardware and software. And you can access the full power of the cloud, ensuring your business is ahead of the competition and ready for anything.


  • ✓Pay a flat monthly fee for our services, or pay hourly and use our services as you go
  • ✓Take advantage of skilled, professional IT engineers without needing to train or add to your payroll
  • ✓Access 24/7 support at no extra cost
  • ✓Small and medium businesses gain access to corporation-level IT
  • ✓Corporate or Enterprise will benefit from IT project management and outsourcing


  • ✓Instead of high initial capital costs for IT expansion, an MSP can handle your networking needs via

a variety of technologies and solutions

  • ✓No need to predict spikes or drops in business: an MSP will handle every IT needs for you
  • ✓Have rapidly changing IT requirements or approaches? No problem: Baynetwork can guide

you through it all


  • ✓No need to worry about data breaches or viruses – Baynetwork employ industry-leading IT security procedures and standards
  • ✓Through MSP onsite and offsite management options and our network monitoring, your data is secure
  • ✓Disasters are an unfortunate part of life, but an MSP can set up a disaster recovery plan for your business so you stay on your feet no matter what happens


  • ✓With 24/7 support, no tech glitch or problem can fell your business for long, as an MSP we will always

have someone on hand to help

  • ✓Baynetwork staffed with trained and certified IT experts of all types, giving your business a

broad arsenal of IT professionals who are ready for anything

  • ✓An MSP will minimize downtime so your business can operate without the IT hassle


Often times, especially with smaller businesses, the burden of IT doesn’t just fall on the IT department. But with an MSP like Baynetwork you can let experts focus on handling your IT while you can focus on your area of expertise: your business.

Let us do the IT so you can do your work.




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