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Baynetwork offers Eco-friendly networking services such as refurbished Cisco, Juniper, ShoreTel and other brands recycling, buy back, and trade. We remain dedicated to this cause, and so if you have any suggestions in the area, please let us know.

Technology Does Not Need to Harm the Planet

By choosing pre-owned or refurbished equipment over new you immediately recognize a 60%-90% savings from market retail prices. You also get the benefit of our 100% satisfaction guarantee that each individual piece of equipment has passed Baynetwork’s rigorous inspection and testing process, so you're also sure it will be able to do the job assigned to it. In addition to the economic benefits, however, buying pre-owned and refurbished equipment helps support important ecological goals.

The “newness” of a particular piece of equipment really makes no difference in many cases, as the function of the device is really all educated networking and computer data systems specialists focus on. By recycling as much useful hardware as we are able, Baynetwork and its customers by definition help ease the strains on our landfills. In short, you can get cheaper equipment, that’s tested and warrantied for your application, and you can feel a bit better about your contribution to the environment at the same time.

By letting Baynetwork help you understand precisely what demands your installation will place on the various components of your system, we can give you tested and guaranteed lower-cost alternatives. Accountants would call this procedure “asset recovery” which suits their purposes in a precise fashion. For our part, we consider it simply being aware of modern Green considerations and working to demonstrate a commitment to them.


Baynetwork’s Commitment to the Planet

During the past decade, businesses and individuals have started to grow more aware of the ecology of our environment. Baynetwork is proud to be a leading Eco-friendly and “green” business. Baynetwork was one of the industry's first to adopt this focus, and it remains one of our top priorities. Our companies “Buy-Back” program allows Us to purchase the equipment we're either replacing for customers or that's just sitting around as excess inventory. 

While our company goal has always been to provide world-class service and support while staying current with the latest technologies and regulations, our focus over the recent years has been on “green” and Eco-friendly applications. Baynetwork was one of the industry’s first to adopt this focus, and it remains one of our top priorities. We’d be happy to discuss current options with you and demonstrate our Green commitment.

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