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Bay Networks takes the burden of managing your IT environment off your plate, allowing you to focus on growing and running your business. We have been a trusted, leading IT services provider in the San Francisco Bay Area since 2008. We provide a collection of IT services, including:

Our engineers and technicians will diagnose your problem on-site within 24-48 hours. Whether you are a small startup, a medium-sized business or a large enterprise, we assist with any of your IT needs.

We work with nationwide US, Canadian and Bay Area businesses

  • Servers and workstation sale, installation, diagnosis and repair
  • Network storage
  • Business IT networking
  • Business data backup and recovery
  • Business network security and firewalls
  • Domain Controllers and active directory, GP
  • Domain policies, security policies, group policy
  • Ransomware, Antivirus and anti-spyware protection
  • Data lost prevention
  • Wi-Fi setup and troubleshooting
  • Printer setup and troubleshooting
  • Office 365, Business gmail, Exchange
  • Phone, VoIP, Conference and Meeting rooms support
  • Data centers support
  • Cloud, virtualization, SaaS (AWS, Azure, Google cloud)
  • IT support and help desk
  • IT project management
  • IT outsourcing


Manufacturers have unique and important IT needs. Bay Networks is familiar with these leads, and our decades of experience allows us to address these needs quickly and efficiently.

Many manufacturers have small and nimble IT departments that keep their business up and running, but their small size can lead to hiccups in service if there are multiple malfunctions or even simple employee sickness.

That's where Bay Networks comes in.

Bay Networks functions as an extension of your existing IT department, augmenting your specific business knowledge with our extensive professional knowledge and IT infrastructure. We’ll be right there to handle a variety of tasks, from large-scale installations to in-house technical or vendor support.

Outsource your operation’s IT management chores to Baynetwork today. We will work with your company to build a customized solution as you build tomorrow’s infrastructure.

If your factory business is looking to partner with a Bay area local IT support company that will learn the intimate details of your business technology, manufacturing processes, while also having the experience to manage and advise you on your day-to-day technology challenges,


Teaching and learning are profoundly important. Don’t let IT problems get in the way of either of them. Bay networks provides innovative and cost-effective IT services for the education sector so you can focus on what’s most important: teaching. We solve the many problems and challenges posed by decreasing school budgets, the need for collaboration tools and accountability.

In classrooms all around the country, excited minds are learning the information, tools and skills that will determine the future of the world around us. With technology playing a more important role in the education process, Baynetwork is at your side to equip teachers to teach tomorrow’s leaders.

Our education services include:

  • Expertise in E-Rate funding, including RFPs and assessments
  • Budget planning for your refresh cycles
  • Expanded networking including Wi-Fi throughout your campus
  • Enhanced school network security for greater peace of mind
  • Key software application and tool expertise
  • Bandwidth and content management
  • Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Technology is a critical component of learning, teaching and research, so it is imperative that you have the most cutting-edge solutions and experienced professionals on your side. Bay Networks is that partner.


Bay Networks is a leading provider of nonprofit technology and IT services and solutions. We are the place nonprofits can contact to make sense of any IT issue, from large-scale technology projects to maintenance and support. With more than a decade of experience working with diverse nonprofits, Bay Networks has the expertise and experience to deliver services and support.

Bay Networks understands the unique challenges of nonprofits. We understand that you must stretch you budget as far as it will go and stay flexible to execute your mission. Our support delivers quantity and quality, helps reduce costs, provides up-to-date technology and values collaboration.

We provide proactive, leading technology solutions fully customized to meet your organization’s unique needs and budget. We combine a strategic approach based on your organizations with the investment that only comes from a face-to-face relationship

We offer the following nonprofit services:

  • Help Desk and Managed IT Services
  • Office 365
  • Telecommunication
  • Data Management
  • Strategic Consulting Services
  • IT Security Services
  • Network Equipment and System Procurement


The amount of data that governments must process and secure is growing at an incredibly fast pace, and their network provider must be able to move even faster. Bay Networks is that provider. We have decades of experience of working with local, state and federal government. As a result, we are aware of the unique IT problems that governments must face on a daily basis.

Expert IT and Computer Support Services for Federal, State and Local Government

We understand that governments must meet strict regulatory and security requirements, and that digital services provided by governments must be reliable and accessible. Glitches and crashes don’t just impact government departments; they also impact the citizens who depend on these services.

Governments need experienced and certified IT consultants who can work with sensitive data, programs and hardware with professional excellence. Bay Networks is that company.

Some of our services for governments include:GSA Contracts

  • GSA contracts
  • CTO/CIO and IT staff outsourcing
  • IT Consulting services
  • Network security and DLP
  • Virtualization services
  • Microsoft Exchange and Office365
  • Network Monitoring
  • Server and workstations support
  • Help Desk outsourcing
  • Data Center operations
  • Managed services
  • Network technical support


With more than a decade of experience serving the healthcare industry, Baynetwork understands your unique technological needs and challenges you face on a day-to-day basis.

Baynetwork provides complex IT infrastructure and support for healthcare-related firms, including:
Baynetwork can help your healthcare organization achieve specific goals like an increased billing in key departments, alignment of business processes and systems, and enablement of electronic records and health information exchange. We are experts on compliance and have experience working with nonprofit, government, health plans and life science organizations.

We understand that your healthcare organization must stay abreast of the changing IT landscape, implementing the most important and most up-to-date hardware and software to provide the best possible service. Make sure your IT provider or consultant is aware of your challenges and can help you through them. Baynetwork is that provider.

  • Application Management
  • Data Warehousing
  • Business Intelligence
  • EMR Projects, ERP Services
  • Wide Area Networks (WANs)
  • Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity
  • Help Desk Services
  • Wi-Fi infrastructure
  • IT Consulting
  • Infrastructure Management
  • E-Learning Systems
  • Patient Management Systems
  • EDI Communications
  • Extranets
  • Intranets
  • Signage system and Information kiosk


Rapidly evolving technologies, changing customer expectations and emerging digital firms are driving widespread disruption in the retail space. Customers are demanding rich shopping experiences that are personalized, hyper-connected and engaging. Retailers need a great IT solution now more than ever before. Thankfully, Bay Networks is the expert your retailer needs.

Bay Networks enables retailers to boldly navigate the new digital age by transitioning from traditional efficiency-oriented solutions to business outcome-oriented conversations. Our collaborative model will carve a successful path to enterprise modernization.

We offer the following services and benefits to retailers:

  • An integrated IT support suite of mobile apps
  • IT support for Point of sale systems
  • IT components for NFC coupons/payments, geo-fencing alerts and augmented reality, virtual store shelves
  • IT support and consulting
  • Network security
  • PCI and DSS compliance
  • Data backup and resote
  • Cloud and virtualization solutions
  • Phone and VoIP service and support
  • WAN and Point to Point VPN between stores
  • WI-Fi service and support
  • IP CCTV and security
  • Servers and workstations support
  • In-store connectivity
  • Digital display and Signage


Just like it has with every other industry, tech has made a big impact on agriculture. Agribusinesses require IT capabilities to include a predictable network, access and protection for information and a reliable platform for specialized software applications.

Thankfully, Bay Networks decades of experience in the IT industry and many certified professionals can help your agribusiness take the next step. We can help connect satellites with your tractors and help automate your dairy barns, or plant farms to maximize production and minimize costs.

We understand the agricultural business and operate at every stage in the journey. Our expertise provides seamless support across a global network of linked agri-dedicated offices. Our engineers are recognized experts with knowledge of cutting-edge trends, trade flows and regulations.

Plant the seeds of a great IT relationship and choose Bay Networks today for all your agribusiness needs

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