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Bay networks LAN | WAN services provide equipment procurement, setup and configuration of Wide Area Network including but not limited to Cable, T1, OC3, OC48, OC192, ATM, 1Gig and 10 Gigabit Ethernet and other wide area and local area network connections, post-sales support, network monitoring, event management, maintenance and support for IP-enabled systems for your company. This includes any qualifying device deployed in your LAN or WAN environments.

With every increasing demand for more secure and faster data, the importance of a reliable and robust LAN/WAN network grows as well. Baynetwork’s experts have 20 years of experience in IT and will help you set up and maintain your LAN/WAN environment.

A Holistic Approach

Our wide area network and local area network infrastructure solutions are designed to take a holistic view of your network, and are customized for our clients’ specific needs. Baynetwork’s technical specialists look for areas to optimize and protect your network through secure connections and infrastructure fitted with appropriate network devices.

  • WAN | LAN Network designs that provide fast and redundant access to the data you need
  • WAN bandwidth optimization, management and caching
  • Configuring and securing your routers, switches and strengthening entire network for security and Data Lost prevention management
  • Reviewing current firewalls configuration to let in what you want and keep out the rest
  • Secure wireless access points providing the portability needed in today’s business without sacrificing security
  • Reviewing your VLAN’s configurations, Configuring QoS for VoIP and Data, Network Port Security, Network and Domain policies

Data Traffic Management

Long page load times, delays in updating content and even minimal downtime can compromise your brand and bottom line. At Bay networks, we understand web content and data management. We leverage our knowledge and expertise towards direct benefits for your business.

Web content, caching and data management can make or break your customer experience, brand and loyalty. The delivery of a thorough content strategy and infrastructure is therefore an imperative to help your business succeed. Bandwidth management is the manipulation and prioritization of network traffic to reduce the impact of heavy users from effecting other users, and we are experts at making networks more efficient.

Baynetwork has implemented data management platforms for 10 years. We help you understand the best architecture and platform for your specific business, then help you design, build and deploy your solution quickly and securely.

We want to help you maintain your brand and loyalty base by taking care of the design and optimization of your environment so you can focus on what matters most: building and delivering high quality, impactful and engaging content.

Baynetwork provides the following conference software and systems:
  • Zoom
  • Skype for Business
  • GoToMeeting
  • TeamViewer
  • WebEx Meeting Center
  • Cisco Jaber
  • Cisco Telepresence

VoIP And Conference

Business phone services are no longer merely telephone services. They have evolved to feature numerous other services, including conferencing, instant messaging, voicemail and business SMS, Business WhatsApp and in many cases integrating with CRMs like Salesforce, NetSuite, SAP, SugarCRM and other software. Does your business have the up-to-date Phone and Conference technologies to give you a competitive edge?

Baynetwork provides a more streamlined, intelligent and cost-efficient VoIP and Conference solutions for businesses of any size to get the most value from their voice applications. Voice over internet protocol (VoIP) services are more affordable long-term than standard telephone services and offer many additional features.

Our company provides three VoIP options. All options simplify network requirements, provide access to enhanced features and lower capital costs.

On-premises VoIP (via ShoreTel-Mitel, Cisco, Avaya or Polycom) Hosted Private Branch Exchange (Hosted PBX) Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Trunking

For call center management, Baynetwork provides ShoreTel, Cisco and Cloud Contact Center, with the latest generation of Audio and Video Conference and Telepresence solutions and environmental design to help your call center become more efficient.

Bay networks believes that every business ought to have excellent Business Phone system, Conference Room or Telepresence solutions because communication is a core part of business.

Wi-Fi & Wireless

More wireless users mean more needed bandwidth. The proliferation of mobile devices and rapidly increasing data requirements are challenging IT departments every day. Business as usual just isn’t enough anymore. Thankfully, Baynetwork deploys the right solutions to fit your wireless needs and solve your bandwidth headaches.

We create an agile and supportive infrastructure that meets your requirements now and can grow with the requirements that you will need tomorrow. Our solutions include multi-carrier 3G and 4G as well as 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac Wi-Fi. In addition, we will prepare you for the future technologies of 5G and 801.11ax. We optimize WLAN performance for computers at both 2.4MHz and 5GHz for high-density deployments.

With Baynetwork Wireless Solutions you receive:

  • Wi-Fi testing and reports with NetSpot, Fluke Netscout/AirCheck, WiFi Analyzer, Wi-Spy DBx
  • AP locations engineered for optimal RF coverage
  • Multiple WLANs and channel layering that provide maximum capacity and best possible coverage
  • Optimized network performance via critical applications and devices

Your Successful Wireless Network

The WLAN landscape is still evolving. The use of mobile devices like smartphones and tablets for business purposes will continue to grow and change, and other business-specific hardware like medical devices, PG&E meters, autonomous cars and rental transportation (scooters, bicycles, etc.) require even greater Wi-Fi coverage and performance. Baynetwork has many years of IT experience and will construct the WLAN network your business needs to succeed.

Baynetwork delivers the right solution to fit your mission-critical wireless needs, creating an agile and supportive infrastructure for both immediate requirements and future growth. Our team of engineers works with you to create the best solution to meet your facility and budgetary requirements, and will help ensure a positive return on your IT investment.

Data Integrity & Backup

Losing irreplaceable intellectual property and company data is one of the hardest things for a business to endure. Whether via system failures or a natural disaster, hacking or virus, or user error, data failure is often unforeseen and sudden. Every business needs data backup, and Baynetwork will help your business to set one up, endure data loss and get back up and running in no time.

There are multiple kinds of ways to avoid data loss, and Baynetwork provides solutions in every channe

  • Built-in backup
  • On-site data backup
  • Off-site data backup
  • Cloud backup
  • Hybrid data backup

Baynetwork Network Attached Storage, Storage Area Network (SAN) and RAID solutions deliver a more efficient and effective way to protect data. Our team of certified industry professionals oversees the backup process, so you can be sure it is done efficiently and effectively. All backups are scheduled and controlled through our on or off-site backup or our Cloud Services Division. We implementing fully automated data transfers from NAS or SAN to off-site storage.

As businesses grow, the amount of data that requires storage and protection will increase dramatically. At the same time, the window of time during which backing up data without having a negative impact on business operations decreases. These factors make the server administrator’s job of storing and protecting data fundamentally more challenging.

Baynetwork only recommends the best systems, software, and hardware to our clients. We know that data integrity is a necessity for businesses and we understand the importance of having backups that can survive everything from viruses to power spikes to natural disasters.

Implementing a Hybrid Cloud Data Backup Solution can help protect irreplaceable intellectual property and company data.

Our Disaster Recovery Service will:
  • Guarantee recovery times backed with Service Level Agreement (SLA) options
  • Manage the planning, testing, and, if disaster strikes, execution of your plan
  • Proactively backup your systems to the cloud and gain quick, remote access to them

Disaster Preparation & Recovery

Avoid disruptions and minimize downtime with our Disaster Preparation and Recovery solutions

Baynetwork will either design or refine a custom disaster prevention plan for your specific infrastructure. We can include critical systems such as duplicate hardware, servers and most recent critical back-ups. Through Baynetwork’s extensive industry experience, you will reduce your downtime from a devastating disaster from months to mere days and hours.

Having a disaster recovery plan is key, but if it is untested you could still be in trouble. Bay networks Disaster Recovery Consulting service can give you the confidence that your plan will function as intended, keeping your information protected and ready to get back to operation quickly.

IT Automation

The digital age has brought together the technology and process maturity required to fundamentally transform IT services. Today, enterprises in every industry are under pressure to cut costs and become more agile. Enter IT Automation, the use of instructions to create a repeated process that replaces an IT professional’s manual work in varying business environments.

Baynetwork will help you automate your IT department and save your business time and money. Baynetwork’s IT Ops delivers a single, unified automation platform for managing an enterprise’s IT infrastructure, application support, monitoring, event handling and remediation.

Through the power of predictive analytics, Baynetwork’s IT Ops learns and understands trends to enable preventative scaling instead of reactive recovery.

IT Automation solution highlights:

  • Automated management for applications and infrastructure
  • Auto remediation of monitoring, incident and problem management
  • Customizable levels of automation
  • Unified automation approach
  • 500+ ready to deploy SOPs for common recurring incidents
  • Integration with ITSM tools for automatic updates
  • Integration with ITSM tools for automatic updates
  • Plug and play architecture
  • Ticket enrichment and prioritization
  • Rule-based workflows
  • Metrics and reporting dashboards

We address three key transformation areas:

  • Ensure highly available IT systems and processes to serve customers across the globe over multiple channels using Baynetwork for IT Operations
  • Enable faster development of new products and ensure first time right using Baynetwork’s for System Engineering
  • Automate processes to free up bandwidth to work on transformation ideas with Baynetwork for Processes

Baynetwork has helped many customers address the challenge of transforming their business in the digital age. We enable organizations to succeed in today’s marketplace and help them implement cost-saving systems like IT automation to future-proof them for whatever problems are on the horizon.

Baynetwork’s next-generation automation platforms and scripting utilize intelligent automation to transform IT operations, QA, DevOps, and processes across the entire enterprise.

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